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The Celtic Shop formerly Black Hills Celtic Shop, in operation since 1999 and lately relocated to downtown Lead, South Dakota, just blocks from its famous gold mine, is literally in the heart of  "the Black Hills of Dakota".  

Charlie Evans Weir is its proprietor.  Charlie is a member of Scottish Clans Buchanan, MacFarlane and MacNachtan;
and his middle name, Evans, echoes his mother's maiden name and also his own cherished Welsh heritage. 
Rose McCarty, his best friend and wife, a descendant of the McCarthys of Desmond in Ireland,
and a trained geologist, teaches science courses at the local school and college, and helps Charlie at the Shop.

 Charlie has been active in Celtic activities and groups. He also lectures and teaches popular courses locally on Celtic culture and history.  Charlie is an accomplished leatherworker and makes traditional Scottish and Welsh leather goods including sporrans/ysgrepans (kilt wallets) and belts.  His haggis (lamb and oat sausage), struan (multigrain bread), pasties (Welsh meat pies), and other traditional Celtic recipes have been  included in two Celtic cookbooks.

Charlie and the Shop were featured in a five page article in the November-December 2003 issue of "Souvenirs, Gifts and Novelties Magazine", a business trade publication. The title reads: "Celtic Shop Finds Success in the Black Hills, South Dakota." See pages 76, 78, 80, 82 and 84, and a short article titled "Who Are The Celts" on page 72, written by Charlie but not credited.

On January 26, 2007, Rose McCarty was named "South Dakota Outstanding Physical Science Teacher of the Year"!
In January of  2012, she was nominated for the third time as the South Dakota entrant for
the President's Award for Excellence in the Teaching of  Science and Mathematics!

Lead is famous locally for its skiing and snowmobiling at nearby Deer Mountain and Terry Peak, and the Homestake Mine, once the biggest and most productive gold mine in North America, is now entering a second life as our nation's new underground
sub-atomic particle physics laboratory, now simply called DUSEL - short for Deep Underground Science Experimentation Laboratory).
Rose also has had a hand in various projects there since its inception.

Proud sponsor of Thistle & Shamrock  programme Sunday evenings on South Dakota Public Radio

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